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Volume One, Issue Two

Ink on your Fingers, Bytes on your Brain

A round table discussion
with Walter Cummins, Jan Strever, Ruth Daigon, David Chester, and Jamie Wasserman.

Volume One, Issue One

Life on the Frontier - Web Published Poetry

A round table discussion
with David Hunter Sutherland,
Dennis Gaughan,
Marek Lugowski and
Mike Neff.

   Painting Trees on the Landscape
_____ of Poetry

Perihelion's Third round table features five poets who have also left their mark on the editorial landscape (or should that be five editors who have also left their mark on the poetry landscape?): Kim Addonizio, contributing editor for ZIPZAP, Jaimes Alsop, founder and first editor of the Alsop Review, Mary Barnet, editor of, John Kinsella, founder and editor of Salt, and William Slaughter, founder and editor of MUDLARK.

   Is There A WebPoetry?

Moshe Benarroch, contributing editor for Ygdrasil, hosts a round rable of poets who discuss the impact of the Internet on their poetry. Participants are: Karen Alkaly-Gut, Janet Buck, Klaus Gerken, Maryann Hazen and Kucinta Setia.

   Perihelion Verbatim

Robert Kendall speaks about his latest hypertext release: A Life Set for Two, with a review by C.K. Tower and Jennifer Ley.