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Writer's Resources

The Academy of American Poets

The Academy of American Poets is the largest organization in the U.S. dedicated specifically to the art of poetry, and was founded to support American poets at all stages of their careers. This site has a listening booth, audio clips of poems featured in their Poetry Exhibits (which feature poets Jill Bialosky, Eavan Boland, Nan Cohen, Rita Dove, Thomas Lux, Derek Mahon, Sylvia Plath, Richard Wilbur, and William Butler Yeats) , and lists awards and prizes for poetry. The site also gives instructions on becoming a member (and the benefits they offer).

Ann Arbor Poetry Forum

The Ann Arbor Poetry Forum site is in part supported by the Washtenaw Council for the Arts and the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs. This site has broadcasts of poetry via Real Audio and is the home of Poetry Forum World Wide Registry (which lists workshops, writers retreats, poetry festivals and conferences.

CAPA: The Contemporary American Poetry Archive

The CAPA site makes available for scholars, readers, and researchers out-of-print volumes of poetry. Archived poetry can also be read on screen.

The Electronic Poetry Center

Electronic Poetry Center offers comprensive archives of electronic poetry resources. They host select publications and organize connections to others. It's a resource for writers, students, and scholars. The site offers course syllabi and texts for distance learning as well. Their other resources include Author Pages (index of writers' online publications), a Poetics list, a small press directory, and an online poets directory (among other things). The staff is a non-profit, non-commercial group through the University at Buffalo and the site provides "a collaboration between the university and the innovative writing community."

Glossary of Poetic Terms

The Glossary of Poetic Terms (Bob's Byway, compiled and edited by Robert G. Shubinsky) has a broad range of definitions, several examples, and great quotes from famous poets. This was rated a Top 10 Educational site in November, 1997.

Internet Poetry Archive

This is a great site for accessing the work of some of the major contemporary poets such as Robert Pinsky, Czeslaw Milosz, Philip Levine, and Seamus Heaney. It's sponsored by the University of North Carolina Press and the North Carolina Arts Council and makes use of multi-media presentations. Here you can find audio clips of the poet reading, the poet's comments on the work, graphics, and critical biographies by scholars familiar with the poet's work. And more.

Irish Writers Center

The Irish Writers Center has Interviews from _The Irish Times_ with various Irish writers. The also offer addresses for Irish literary journals and publishers and list several poetry competitions. They give info on ordering _Dublin Fifteen: Poems of the City_ and give information on the poets behind that production. Plus, they have several links to other Irish writing on the net.

Literature Online

An amazing site that has eleven full-text data bases of poems, plays, and fiction. It's a library of over 250,000 works of English and American literature. They have a searchable subset of 1,000 love poems written by renowned poets. It was amazingly easy to look up Shakespeare's sonnet that begins: Let me not to the marriage of true minds.... And others are just as easily looked up.

National Endowment for the Arts

The National Endowment for the Arts is a site that announces new grants for creative writing. You can also order your free NEA publication called _Writing America_ which is a literary anthology by poets and writers who have received NEA Creative Writing Fellowships. There are some great writers from every state represented in this anthology--and a lot of poetry too. (They also have other publications that are free.)

Pause a Moment: Poetry (Great links!)

Pause a Moment: Poetry has comprehensive links to poetry web sites. As a sampling you can read poetry by Rita Dove, Coleridge, and Hart Crane...and many, many more.

Poet Laureates By State

This one begins with a map and you click on your state to learn about the current poet laureate.

Poetry Daily

Poetry Daily is another must-visit site. They feature a poem a day from books, magazines, and journals and all of the poems are of fine literary value. They also provide poetry news and have an archive where the "Daily Poems" are available for one year.

Poetry Society--British

The British Poetry Society site has several articles on "Taking Your Poetry Farther." They feature articles on such topics as how to plan your career as a poet, how to present your work, publishing possibilities, a discussion of competitions, and developing your reputation as a poet.

_Poets & Writers_ Online

_Poet's & Writer's Online_ is the online version of the highly acclaimed magazine. It's a must-visit site for all poets. They have literary links, information on grants and awards, and competitions.

Semantic Rhyming Dictionary

The Semantic Rhyming Dictionary site allows a poet to find perfect rhymes, almost perfect rhymes, homophones, semantic siblings, and synonyms.

Twentieth-Century Poetry In English

Professor Eiichi Hishikawa's Home Page: Twentieth-Century Poetry In English is a terrific site with Internet information (poetry, biographies, critical studies and more) relating to more than 150 renowned poets. The site grew out of the desire to find such a place so Professor Hishikawa created it. And what an excellent resource it is.

Writers Write (Fiction & Poetry Publications)

Writer's Write's Fiction & Poetry Publications Page lists various publications looking for submissions. You can also add your own publication to their list as well.