Issue Three, Volume One

Haiku: Origins and New Directions
by A.C. Missias

Issue Two, Volume One

The Voice of Discontent/Outlaws Among Us
by E. A. Lynch and John Carle

language and image as objects in a field
by Jim Andrews

Issue One, Volume One

The future of visual poetry
by Paul Kloppenborg

   Couched in Ideas
_____Gender and the Web

_____by Christy Sheffield Sanford

Call it Post-Feminism if you will - the mental space where so many women now reside - where a desire to wear a slinky dress and red lipstick doesn't define us as girly-girls, our intellect is securely cushioned in our brain pan, and the struggles of early feminism are permanently hot-wired into our collective 'Steinem' subconscious.

Note: Gender and the Web was created with Dreamweaver to go across platforms on 4.0 browsers. The author recommends Netscape, with screen size set on 600x800.

   I'm Nothing Without My Writing
_____An Essay

_____by Daniela Gioseffi

Ms. Gioseffi shares her own particular 'ocular' vision.

   Canadian Women Poets on the Internet
_____by Paula Kirman

How does being a female/Canadian/poet publishing on the Internet affect a writer's humility, credibility, and accessiblilty? Kirman delves into the online publishing lives of Canadian poets Penny Ferguson, Jill Battson, Karen Press and Erin Moure.

   The Land of the Ice Medusa:
_____Writing From Your Fear

_____by Pamelyn Casto

Pamelyn Casto takes us on a journey already travelled by May Sarton, Virginia Woolf and Helen Cixous to teach us how to face our own particular writing taboos and monsters.