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Issue 10: Out on a Limb

Issue 9: The Missing Body

Issue 8: The Lily

Issue 7: Passages

Issue 6: No More Tears

A quick list to poets featured in this issue:

Robin Behn

Richard Garcia

John Hennessy

Adrian Matejka

Ayukawa Nobuo

Eunice Odio

Kathryn Rantala

Anna Ross

Mathias Svalina

Larissa Szporluk

Kevin Tsai

Kathryn Rantala

My Jacket

I was wearing my jacket when I got home.
I remembered it in a mirror.
There was chill the color of pewter.

Into the evening and through the apocalypse,
sweet harmony and the threading of needles.

Cleopatra stayed in the sex of her jacket;
through tea, the division of sand,
meandering soldiers.

A pianist played out its silk;
he rubbed it and rubbed it smooth.

When I got home I noticed a mirror.
An alloy of tin and copper.
A jacket was in it.

The house emptied its windows.
Something was sewn inside.
I wrapped everything in it from out.

I put all of it on and on.
It yawned like the evening.
Afraid of the moon
I avoided my look in it.