"... free from body at the limit of mind ..."


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Alaric Sumner


Alaric Sumner reads "Written While Watching a Rehearsal of Shallal Dance Theatre" in Real Audio

Alaric Sumner

Written While Watching a Rehearsal of Shallal Dance Theatre

Balance places connection in opposition to feeling
precise moves flow in an intricacy without pain

To structural talk affection takes infection
to trace angular obsession like a dog...

Remembering the free body in its placing
stumbling in its rhythms but not in its patterns

An amassed intricacy seethes and stretches
as a cathedral ripples in stasis and mental mists

A community that moves in a unity of echoes
a division of worlds in a sense ignoring congruence

And motiveless with ripenesses of rhythm
desperate falls pull song through inventive memory

Split of intervals to lift and speak
with a generous inspiration, a generous respiration


Decant consciousness
into a less fragile container...
spread its electronic impulses
within the ether's intricacy

to be threatened only by the sun's
electromagnetic storms
that reconfigure the physics
of electricity and silicon

until systems and networks
can be established on planets
orbiting other suns...

then consciousness can be secure
within the universal span -

                      free from body

                                 at the limit of mind.