"a song about Jesus the stoop-shouldered man"

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Allison Titus

Mix Tape for Valentine, Nebraska

i.  First the clatter of the last four bowling
    pins: the svelte mechanical arm
    that rights them, like crated eggs,
    precise and white-bellied: pitcher of beer
    on the table: I retie my shoes: outside:
    the humid night: insects flock
    a dusty halo on the Exit sign: 

ii.   loose bulb and radio static: windows
     down all the way to the farmhouse:
     wind against teeth: down the back road
     where no new mailbox isn't smashed:
     a fist through the night: moving:  

iii.   a song about Jesus the stoop-shouldered man
      sings all day on the corner: toy guitar
      on his knee: his voice struggling the ship
      out of a long necked bottle:  

iv.   splint of blackthorn under my tongue:
       the taste of blue and green and copper:
       noon and the mail comes, three bills
       and a postcard I read twelve times:
       the shadows all sound different here: