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Kelly Edgeington


I want to give you something,
the explanation of “twos.”
Noah did it with more in mind.

            :an idea of struggle and give,
        a lesson on how to swim –
        it’s CPR (nothing is more personal.)

                       (But, you might not have time for this
                                                                and I might say the wrong thing –
                                                                can you hold on & listen for a moment?)

There are pairs who
are willing to coexist
within larger groups –

           a clown couple,
                                             brothers & uncles,

                                                                                         daughters of the

There was always a greater schema
in mind:
a troop,                    a parade,                   a sewing bee.

Here, we have to be in twos
for balance – two oars, two life preservers,
one of us on each end.

                                                                When we row, it’s for the sake of moving.
                                                                When we have to jump, we count to three.

KELLY EDGEINGTON graduated from West Virginia University with a MFA in Poetry. She lives in Frederick MD, where she teaches high school English. Her work has appeared previously in Small Spiral Notebook.

Copyright 2004 Kelly Edgeington.