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Erin Addiego
man on street

man on street to   woman passing:
says has never seen a foot as
high or    firm      as yours.  as in a line.
and to a turn.
  when questioned:
says has seen leg  or leg without a foot.
fetish result. (fetish as adjunct or adjective).
pastoral sunset   fall in shades of pink.
horizon line (imagine) as
shallow or     deep.       constant, excepting night.
bay release.
  ideal house, foundation:
sex or sand, depending.
girl sprawled on beach.  (legs spread to water).
stretch of shadow   bathroom, bedroom:
finger length as deciding line in
dark or    light.      smoke between pane of glass.
(more than one).
in time
  ‘love’ as lane change:
rolling mattress, calves exposed.
sheet back, mouth at breath.   (commentary thrown to floor).

Erin Addiego lives in the California Bay Area and is finishing her MFA degree at Mills College in Oakland. She is currently working on her first memoir, Against A Current.

Copyright 2005 Erin Addiego.