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Volume 75, Number 2, Fall 2001
75th Anniversary Celebration and Conference Issue

Contributors and Cover credit

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Joyce Carol Oates - Three poems and play excerpt
Greg Johnson - Interview with Joyce Carol Oates
Marilyn Hacker - Two poems
Hédi Kaddour - Two poems, translated by Marilyn Hacker
Robin Becker - Five poems
Carole Simmons Oles - Three poems
Jonathan Holden - The Procedural Status Quo, essay
Charles Fort - Two poems
Judith Ortiz Cofer - Two poems
Alicia Ostriker - Two poems
Robert Pack - Two poems
Reetika Vazirani - The Art of Breathing, essay
From Patanjali, poem
Linda Pastan - Five poems
Walt McDonald - Two poems
Martha Collins - Two poems
Jim Simmerman - Five poems
Christina Adam - Two short stories
Jeanne Murray Walker - Two poems
Steven Schneider - Unexpected Guests, poem
William Kloefkorn - Flannel, poem
Ruth Hamel - My Favorite Lies, story
Marjorie Saiser - Six poems
Richard Chess - Traveler's Prayer, poem
Sandra Yannone - Two poems
Marta Boswell - Three poems
Greg Johnson - Shining City, story
Judith Sornberger - Two poems
Guy Goffette - Two poems, translated by Julie Fay
Annie Finch - Three poems
Sandra Meek - Two poems
Kira Salak - Beheadings, story


Esther Cameron - Squares and Courtyards, Marilyn Hacker
Angus Woodward - Le Riche Monde, Biljana Obradovic

Contributors and Cover credit


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