Fall 2005

Fall 2005

Volume 79, Number 3, Fall 2005
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Michael Kimball--From How Much of Us There Was, story
Marilyn Hacker-- For Anna Akhmatova, poem
Amina Saïd--You Have Doubts About the Patience, poem translated by Marilyn Hacker
Constance Merritt-- Five poems
Roy Jacobstein-- Six poems
Simon Perchik-- Three poems
Jacqueline Osherow-- Snorkeling at Coral Beach/Fish in the Torah, poem
Jaimee Wriston Colbert-- The Manager--s Son, story
Tim Skeen--Three poems
Judith Moffett-- Two poems
Alice Friman--Two poems
Christianne Balk-- Three poems
Jan Freeman-- Rose Again, poem
William Black-- Midnight Thoughts on the Law of Probability, story
Michael Cornett-- Aerial Views, poem
Karen Head-- Six poems
Bruce Bond-- Two poems
Naomi Feigelson Chase-- Three poems
Daniel Lusk-- Three poems
David Roderick-- Pace, story
David Shumate-- Styx, poem
Herberto Helder-- Four untitled poems, translated by Alexis Levitin
Joy Katz-- Three poems
Terry Wolverton-- Two poems
Biljana D. Obradovic-- Three poems
Nancy Kern-- Push, story
Jill Osier-- Two poems
Karen Swenson-- Four poems
Dorie Bargmann-- Thirteen More Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, essay
Maria Mazziotti Gillan-- Two poems
Tony Barnstone-- Three poems
Frannie Lindsay --Two poems
Alden Jones-- Something Will Grow, story
Emily M. Green-- Three poems
Joan Murray-- Three poems
Peter Makuck --Three poems
Jonathan Musgrove-- Supper, poem
Brendan Cooney-- Live from the Sports Bar, essay


Elaine Sexton reviews Jack and Other New Poems by Maxine Kumin
Jenn McKee reviews Jesus Sound Explosion by Mark Curtis Anderson
Stephen Behrendt reviews The Hills of Holland by Esther Schor and Slow Risen Among the Smoke Trees by Elizabeth Kirschner
Peter Wolfe reviews Snakepit by Moses Isegawa
Christine Stewart-Nuñez reviews Year of the Snake by Lee Ann Roripaugh
Richard Wile reviews The Blessing by Gregory Orr

Contributors and Cover credit

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