Archives > Fall 1997

Volume 71, Issue 3, Fall 1998

Contributors and Cover credit 

Ursula Hegi - A Town Like Ours, story
Lola Haskins - Three poems
Rachel Hadas - Four poems
Gerald Barrax - Three poems
Jeff Mann - Possession, poem
Robin Becker - In the Days of Awe, poem
Molly Best Tinsley - The Only Way to Ride, story
Lynne Sharon Schwartz - Three poems
Robyn Selman - When I Was a Boy, poem
Harriet Brown - Four poems
Marjorie Saiser - Cutting My Hair, poem
Carter Revard - Buck Creek: Time West, prose piece
Norbert Hirschhorn - Number Our Days, poem
E. Ward Herlands - Three poems
Grace Schulman - Three poems
Carmine Sarracino - Three poems
Debra Innocenti - Two poems
Allison Joseph - Two poems
Judith Kitchen - Fred Astaire's Hands, essay
Vern Rutsala - Two poems
Walter McDonald - Two poems
Biljana D. Obradovi - Ten poems
Joyce Winer - Invisible Signs, story
Rika Lesser - Subtexts, poem
Enid Shomer - Two poems
Deborah Tall - Whereof Are You Made, poem
Deborah Gorlin - The Bypass, poem
Elizabeth Knight - The End of Winter, poem
Nancy Krygowski - Two poems
A. D. Ross - In the Mouth, In the Eyes, story
Alison Apotheker - When Spring Comes to the Alpine Tundra, poem
Michael Bugeja - Assemblies of God, poem
Cynthia Bosley - The Solemn People Living There, poem
Mia Leonin - Two poems
Robert N. Watson - The Museum of Automata, poem
Alfonsia Storni - You Want Me White, poem, translated by Anabella Paiz
Bruce Bennett - Filling in the Blanks, poem

Stephen Behrendt - My World, My Fingerhold, My Bygod Apple, Neva Hacker
                              Mere Mortals, Terese Svoboda
                              Sensual Math, Alice Fulton
                              The Dance at St. Gabriel's, Felix Stefanile
Ladette Randolph - The Sincere Cafe, Leslee Becker
Ellen Davis - Winter Numbers: Poems, Marilyn Hacker
                     Selected Poems: 1965-1990, Marilyn Hacker
Bob Cowser, Jr. - Portrait of My Body, Phillip Lopate
Cortney Davis - Girl Hurt, E. J. Miller Laino

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