Archives > Fall 1998

Volume 72, Issue 3, Fall 1998
Special Issue: Personal Essays

Contributors and Cover credit 

Jane Bernstein - The Black Dog
Carol Cloos - Voice
Brenda Miller - Basha Leah
Oldrich J. Spilar - Mrs. K
Cynthia Macdonald - Heaven is God's Throne; Earth, His Footstool
Patricia Foster - Little Shelters of Repair
Eva Saulitis - Ghosts of the Island
Valerie Miner - excerpts from The Low Road
Richard Kostelanetz - Thoughts on Being Canonized, Sort Of
David Haward Bain - Camden Bound
Zoltan Lucas - Growing up Magyar
Judith Sornberger - Rules of the Woods
Penelope Austin - The Speech I Never Gave
Anne Nicodemus Carpenter - A Wasp's Nest

Gerry Brookes - The Sixties, Peter Stine, Editor
Ladette Randolph - Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace
                              Janet Murray
                              The Electronic Word: Democracy, Technology and the Arts
                              Richard Lanham

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