Archives > Fall 1999

Volume 73, Number 3, Fall 1999
Special Issue: New German Literature

Contributors and Cover credit 

*Translations by Maria Schoenhammer

Sonja Lehner - Introduction
Crauss. - Minature, poem*
Klaus Ungerer - Black Out, story*
Burkhard Spinnen - The Tower, story*
Elisabeth Wanderler-Deck - from Hold It, She Says, a sequence of texts *
Thomas Heinold - Berlin By Heart, story*
Gerrit Boer - Three poems*
Barbara Honigmann - A Grave in Two Places, story translated by Avi Kempinski
Wanda Schmid - from Texts I-XV, poems*
Birgit Vanderbeke - Peaceful Times, story*
Ingrid Fichtner - Five poems
Andrea Tillmanns - Why Poets Shouldn't Be Trusted, story*
Achim Stößer - Magnifying Glass, story*
Vera Henkel - Two short short stories*
Rainer Wedler - Fragment, story*
Karl Harshbarger - The Photograph, story
Christiane Neudecker - Mother Bother, story*
Crauss. - Scorpion, poem*
Birgit Vanderbeke - The Mussel Dish, story*
Silke Andrea Schuemmer - The Form of a Fish Is Its Knowledge of the Water, story translated by
                       Brigitte Goldstein 
Ingeborg Jaiser - Lara, story*
Werner Art Schmid - Alone, story*
Heide Tarnowski - Jerusalem, essay*
Kellie Wells Hallie - Out of This World, story


J. David Stevens - The Tracks We Leave: Poems on Endangered Wildlife of North America,
                         Barbara Helfgott Hyett
Lee Martin - Self Storage, Mary Helen Stefaniak
Deborah Plant - The Autobiography of My Mother, Jamaica Kincaid
Judith Vollmer - Old Mercy, Gerald Stern
                         The Post-Rapture Diner, Dorothy Barresi
                         Alice Friman How to Get Heat Without Fire, Marilyn Kallet
Chauna Craig - Letting Loose the Hounds, Brady Udall
Bruce Bond - Perpendicular As I, Marjorie Maddox
Joel B. Peckham, Jr. - Minding the Sun, Robert Pack 

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