Archives > Spring 2000

Volume 74, Number 1, Spring 2000
Special Issue: Writing From Alaska

Contributors and Cover credit 

Nancy Lord - The Census Taker, story
Laurie A. Evans-Dinneen - Independence Mine, poem
Linda McCarriston - Two poems
Doreen Fitzgerald - Foragers, poem
Tom Linklater - Two poems
Renée Manfredi - The Long Journey Home, story
Kent Fielding - Two poems
Mark De Nitto - Three poems
Tom Sexton - Three poems
Leslie Leyland Fields - "If Thou Hurl Me to the Shark . . .," essay
Margaret Baker - One River Mile, poem
Peggy Shumaker - Bear Plan, Brooks Range, poem
Molly Lou Freeman - Three poems
Eva Saulitis - Leaving Resurrection Bay, essay
Caroline D. Goodwin - Two poems
Nicole Stellon - Picking, poem
T. J. O'Donnell - Two poems
Arlitia Jones - Four poems
Lisa D. Chavez - Over the Chilkoot Trail, poem
Sis Laraux Troseth - Alaska Husky Dogs, essay
John E. Smelcer - The Death of Charley Secondchief, story
John Morgan - from Spells and Auguries
Susan Johnson - Course of Treatment, essay
Joseph Enzweiler - The Sky, poem
Seth Kantner - The Swan, story
Phoebe Newman - At the Bookroom in Santa Fe, poem
Linden Ontjes - She Decides on the Letter C for Washcloth, poem
Jean Anderson Snobs, story
Peggy Shumaker - March: Black Branches Taking on Snow, essay
Bruce Woods - Two poems
Tricia Yost - Hedging, poem
Burns Cooper - Fairbanks Renga, poem
Sheila Nickerson - Four poems
Sheryl St. Germain Flora Stories, essay
Barbara Shepherd - Between Tides At Twilight, poem
Joanne Townsend - The Neighborhood, poem
David Grimes - The Big Room, essay

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