Archives > Spring 1997

Volume 71, Issue 1, Spring 1997
Special Issue: Jewish American Writers
Published with support from The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation of New York City, and Milton and Pauline Abrahams Judaic Studies Fund, Harris Center for Judaic Studies, University of Nebraska Lincoln

Contributors and Cover credit 

Irena Klepfisz - The Legacy, essay
Marilyn Hacker - Squares and Courtyards, poem
Cynthia Macdonald - Six poems
David Ignatow - Five poems
Daniel Stern - The Man on the Dump by Wallace Stevens, story
Alicia Ostriker - Four poems
Norman Harris - Five poems 
Jerry Mirskin - Four poems
Linda Pastan - Three poems
Marcia Pelletiere - Two poems
Michael Blumenthal - The Silent Synagogue of Köszeg, essay
                                 Visit to Majdanek, essay
                                 Lukács Fürdö: December 31, 1995, poem
Harvey Shapiro - Three poems
Mark Halperin - Three poems
Mark Perlberg - Two poems
Ira Sadoff - Six poems
Doris Radin - Two poems
Liz Rosenberg - Four poems
Faye Moskowitz - Peace in the House, story
Barbara Helfgott Hyett - Two poems
Henny Wenkart - Two poems
Ruth Stone - Eight poems
Marvin Bell - Two poems
Mark Rudman - Approach of High Holy Days, poem
Steve Stern - The Sin of Elijah, story
Scott Coffel - Two poems
Ann Z. Leventhal - Two poems
Lisa Yanover - Shtetl Life, poem
Rebecca Goldstein - Gifts of the Last Night, story
Roger Weingarten - Three poems
Richard Chess - Four poems
Sharona Ben-Tov - Three poems
Steven Schneider - Three poems
Norman Finkelstein - from Passing Over, poem
Yermiyahu Ahron Taub - Three poems
Naomi Feigelson Chase - Two poems
Emily Warn - Two poems 
Robin Becker - I'm Telling!  Secrecy and Shame in One Jewish-American Family, essay
Helen Papell - Kaddish,  poem
Judith Skillman - Two poems
Ruth Behar - Three poems
Janet Sternburg - Trochaic, story
                           His Regular Fare, story
Rodger Kamenetz - Three poems
Alvin Greenberg - Five poems
Eileen Pollack - The Pool, story
Jay Rogoff - Grandma's Cooking, poem
Robin Hemley - Jinx, story
Sanford Pinsker - Dares, Double-Dares, and the Jewish-American Writer, essay
Eleanor Wilner - The Pillar,  poem

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