Archives > Spring 1998

Volume 72, Number 1, Spring 1998
Special Issue: Poetry

Contributors and Cover credit 

Ted Kooser - Lying for the Sake of Making Poems, essay
Carol Frost - Self Pity, essay
Linda Pastan - Three poems
Bob Russell - Three poems
Kathleen Neuer - Waking Up Amazed in April, poem
Thom Ward - Stray Dogs, Foaming, poem
Elaine Terranova - Skirt, poem
Mark Vinz - Morning Watch, poem
Dionisio D. Martínez - Two poems
Bobbi Su Nadal - Three poems
Larry Wayne - Johns First Kiss, poem
Rodney Tynan Jack - Four poems
Virgil Suarez - Two poems
Ha Jin - Two poems
Matthea F. Harvey - Frederick Courteney Selous's Letters to His Love, poem
Alice Friman - Two poems
Judith Berke - Two poems
T. Alan Broughton - excerpt from Ancient Histories
Carol S. Westberg - Two poems
Ruth L. Schwartz - Two poems
Brian Swann - Three poems
Melissa Katsimpalis - Two poems
Robert Gibb - The Homestead Strike and Lockout, 1892, poem
William Trowbridge - Three poems
Kirk Nesset - Saint X, poem
Daniel Tobin - Stations, poem
Robert Pack - Two poems
Michael McFee - Phantoum, poem
Elizabeth Macklin - Three poems
Emily Grosholz - Five poems
Albert Goldbarth - Three poems
Michael Finley - Baby Danger, poem
Richard Newman - Two poems
David B. Prather - Two poems
Jim Peterson - Two poems
Karen Falkenstrom - Two poems
Judith Harris - Two poems
J. V. Brummels - Running With Dogs, poem
Glenna Luschei - The Q's in Albuquerque, poem
Claire Malroux - Six poems, translated by Marilyn Hacker
Tim Skeen - Two poems
Beth Simon - Two poems
Matt Yurdana - Two poems
Molly Tenenbaum - The Most High Thing, poem
Nicole Cuddeback - Two poems
Karen Swenson - Three poems
Ruth Stone - Two poems
Vivian Shipley - Three poems
Rasma Haidri - Two poems


Carolyne Wright - Soulskin, Marilyn Krysl
                            Warscape With Lovers, Marilyn Krysl
Gary Packernick - I Have a Name, David Ignatow
Constance Merritt - Otherwise: New & Selected Poems, Jane Kenyon
                               With a Moon in Transit, Jacqueline Osherow
Raymond Ronci - The Blind Swimmer: Selected Early Poems 1970-1975, Thomas Lux
                            New & Selected Poems: 1975-1995, Thomas Lux
Lucy Ferriss - How to Get Heat Without Fire, Marilyn Kallet
Dale Jacobs - Morning in the Burned House, Margaret Atwood
Geraldine Connolly - City of Salt, Gregory Orr

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