Archives > Spring 1999

Volume 73, Number 1, Spring 1999

Contributors and Cover credit 

Emily Meier - The Temple of Amun, story
Eleanor Wilner - Three poems
Constance Merritt - Song: At the Edge of the Sea, poem
Diann Blakely - from Home Thoughts From Abroad,  poems
Sarah Gorham - Five poems
M. Smith Janson - Two poems
Elizabeth Birmingham - Falling Away, story
Amy Fleury - Three poems
Joan Murray - Fading Away, poem
Sharon Chmielarz - Nannerl Mozart Poems
Maxine Scates - The Swarm, poem
Pamela Ryder - Solstice, story
Jim Simmerman - Three poems
Marge Piercy - Three poems
Avner Mandelman - Pangs, story
Twyla Hansen - Two poems
Bob Kaven - Annie Weatherby, poem
Don Barkin - Two poems
R. F. McEwen - Two poems
Joshua Deutchman - Swimming Upstream, story
Bryan Dietrich - Two poems
Janelle Masters - Two poems
Debra Bruce - Three poems
S. P. Healey - Four poems
Michael Ramos - Two Filipino Fables
D. Nurkse - Parent Teacher Night, poem
Marlon Ohnesorge-Fick - The Sources of Light, poem
Laurence Lieberman - Two poems
Philip St. Clair - Five poems
Sílvio Fiorani - Two stories, translated by Lisa Sapinkopf
Ed Ochester - Two poems
John McKernan - Four poems
Mariko Nagai - Eclogue to an Artist, poem
Doris Radin - Three poems
Carl Schiffman - Seeing in the Dark, story
Kathleene West - Three Short Shorts
A. B. Emrys - In Caracas with Eva Luna, poem
Sandra Berris - If Lights Dim, poem
Kim Ports - Two poems
Jean Nordhaus - Elderly Woman Holding a Dead Bird Surrey County Asylum, Circa 1855, poem


Sharon Oard Warner - A Visit to Strangers, Gladys Swan
                                   Taking it Home, Tony Ardizzone
Kate Flaherty - Glass House, George Rabasa
James Cox - Reinventing the Enemy's Language: Native Women's Writings of North America,
                    Joy Harjo and Gloria Bird, Editors
Wheeler Winston Dixon - Black Chant: Languages of African-American Postmodernism
                                       Aldon Lynn Nielsen
Kennette Harrison - Wilkes That Other Brightness, Virginia Gilbert

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