Spring 2005

Spring 2005

Volume 79, Number 1, Spring 2005
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Alison Umminger — Alien Life, story
Rynn Williams — Four poems
John Kinsella — Three poems
Robert Gibb — Two poems
Lisa Verigin — Ida Lupino Directs Another Episode of Gilligan’s Island, poem
Chris Forhan — Four poems
Cassandra Cleghorn — Two poems
Gregory Dunne — A Conversation with Scott Cairns, interview
Albert Goldbarth — Two poems
Michelle Nickol — Two poems
Nurit Zarchi — Three poems, translated by Lisa Katz
Jacqueline Kolosov — Two poems
Stephen Gyllenhaal — Land of the Free, poem
Kasey Jueds — Cave Painting, Font-de-Gaume, poem
Daniel Stern — The One Thing She Would Not Do, story
Jennifer Fumiko Cahill — Two poems
Diane Lockward — Three poems
Rhett Iseman — Two poems
Mia Leonin — Two poems
Allan Peterson — Two poems
Diane Chang — The Apartment, story
Lynne Knight — Two poems
Orlando Ricardo Menes — Two poems
Gail Martin — Two poems
John Rybicki — Yellow Jackets, poem
Pamela McClure — Drowned Boy One, poem
Jean Nordhaus — My Daughter Draws the Parts of a Flower, poem
Susan Scott Thompson — Autumn Equinox, essay
Samuel Green — Five poems
Pamela Gemin — Oh Honey, poem
Cynthia Arrieu-King — Two poems
Donald Platt — Elegy in Spring Snow, poem
Veronica Patterson — Around the Block of the World, poem
Betsy Snow Hickok — Two poems
Kate Flaherty — The Property of Water, story
Lexi Rudnitsky — Seven poems
David Hernandez — A Brief History of Antidepressants, poem
Betty Buchsbaum — Winter and Storm, poem
Jonah Winter — On the Street of Dreams, poem
Nadia Herman — Colburn April, poem
Sara Wernick — Three poems
Brad Richard — From the Dark Chamber: Three Daguerreotypes, poems



Diane Lockward — The Angle of Sharpest Ascending, Ingrid Wendt
J. T. Townley — Living to Tell the Tale, Gabriel Garcνa Mαrquez
Marilyn Krysl — Bloody Mary, Sharon Solwitz; The Only Good Thing Anyone Has Ever Done, Sandra Newman
Jenn McKee — A Jeweler’s Eye for Flaw: Stories, Christie Hodgen

Contributors and Cover credit

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