Archives > Summer 2000

Volume 74, Number 2, Summer 2000
Contributors and Cover credit 

Leonard S. Bernstein - Y-S-L, story 
Thomas McLean - Choice, poem
D.A. Powell - Five poems
Ruth Anderson Barnett - Three poems
Adrian Oktenberg - Two poems
Trish Reeves - Two poems
Katsue Suzuki - Last Night I Dreamed I was a Boy, poem
Ladette Randolph - The Girls, story
Susan Fromberg Schaeffer - Four poems
Daniel Gutstein - Five poems
Pattiann Rogers - Two poems
George Looney - The Thin Architecture of Longing, poem
Andrea Potos - Two poems
J. P. White - Two poems
Natania Rosenfeld - Two poems
Inara Cedrins - Two poems
Judith Ortiz Cofer - My Rosetta, essay
                               Here is a Picture of Me, poem 
April Ossmann - Ten poems
Jason Graham - Two poems
Merle Henkenius - The Secret Taxi, story
Taika Brand-Matthews - Two poems
Lillias Bever - Two poems
James Brasfield - Two poems
Patrick Moran - Two poems
Peggy Ann Tartt - Two poems
Sherrie Flick - Two short shorts
Michael Eilperin - Three poems
Glenn Ingersoll - Poem I Have Long Wanted to Write, poem
Angela Krueger - Three poems
Margaret Holley - Three poems
Rad Smith - Six poems
Rick Barot - Two poems
María García Tabor and Silvio Sirias - Interview with Julia Alvarez
Lisa Dominguez Abraham - Three poems
Andrea Deagon - Two poems
Walt McDonald - Old Pilots in the Crowd at Kitty Hawk, poem
David Citino - Two poems
Jay Rogoff - Death's Portrait, poem
Kevin Prufer - Two poems
Stephen Knauth - Five poems
Hugh Steinberg - Sleep, poem
Julia Wendell - Three poems
Floyd Skloot - Three poems
Sean Webb - Last Night, poem

W. G. Regier - Let Me Just Say This About That, John Bricuth
Kate Flaherty - The Accidental Buddhist, Dinty W. Moore
Richard Jackson - Jackstraws, Charles Simic
                            Shroud of the Gnome, James Tate
                            Selfwolf, Mark Halliday
                            Our Master Plan, Dara Wier
                            Vita Nova, Louise Gluck
Stephen M. Buhler - The Burning of Los Angeles, Samuel Maio
                            Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir, D. J. Waldie
Jenny Factor - The Bird Catcher, Marie Ponsot
Charlotte Hogg - Hawk Flies Above: Journey to the Heart of the Sandhills, Lisa Dale Norton
Marcus Cafagña - Ghost Wrestling, Roger Weingarten


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