Archives > Summer 1996

Volume 70, Number 2, Summer 1996
Special Issue: Contemporary Writing from Japan

Contributors and Cover credit 
Michelle Leigh - Monk of the Daytime Moon, story
Six poems
Eiichi Kasuya - Three poems, translated by D. W. Wright
Nine poems, translated by Naoshi Koriyama and Edward Lueders
Kazue Shinkawa - Not Just Its Simile
Hideo Nakai - Wings
Ryuichi Tamura - Poem of October
Yu Suwa - Autumn
Chimako Tada - Breeze
Shuntaro Tanikawa - A Journey
Shiro Murano - Eternal Dusk
Saburo Kuroda - An Evening Glow
Takayuki Kiyooka - The Play of the Sand
Kyoko Hayashi - It Was Made in France, You Know, story,
translated by Margaret Mitsutani 
Cid Corman - Going Nowhere, poem
Nick Midgley - Seven poems
Katue Kitasono - Drama in a Blue-striped Box, poem,
translated by John Solt
Two poems translated by
Tomoyuki Iino and Jon Silkin

Michio Kanbayashi - Black Shadow
Natsuki Ikezawa - from "Reflections on the Longest River"
Toshiko Fujioka - Beneath the Ilex, poem, translated by
Kazuya Honda and Jon Silkin
Sanford Goldstein - The Visit, story
Tomoyuki Iino - The Empire of Light, poem
Joe Cozzo - Late, poem
Jon Silkin - Snow Flies (the Yuki Mushi), poem
Peter Robinson - Seven poems
Penny McCarthy - Two poems
Leza Lowitz - Reply to Anything, story
Three poems
Morgan Gibson - Three poems
Lane Dunlop - Sixteen poems
Michael Hoffman - One Day My Father Disappeared, story
Fil Lewitt - A Japanese Lesson, poem
Stephen Forster - Mysteria, poem
Padraig Rooney - Five poems
Kazuko Shiraishi - People Die, poem, translated by
Taylor Mignon and the author
Donald Richie - excerpt from The Japan Journals: 1947-1955
Katsumi Sugawara - Five poems, translated by Arthur Binard
Kiyoko Ogawa - Four poems
Alex Shishin - Mr. Eggplant Goes Home, story
Christine Thomas - Alchemy, poem

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