Archives > Summer 1997

Volume 71, Issue 2, Summer 1997

Contributors and Cover credit 

Sherman Alexie - Five poems
Ursula Hegi - Johanna, interview
Karen Alkalay-Gut - Two poems
Sarah Lindsay - Where Thieves Break In and Steal, poem
Mark Rudman - Two poems
Ellen Kreger Stark - Grandfather Says, poem
Patrick Pritchett - Two poems
Kevin Prufer - Two poems
Paul Mandelbaum - Eclipse, story
Bruce Barton - Repose, poem
Toni Mergentime Levi - Fishing For Meteors, poem
Lisa Chen - Two poems
Carolyn Acree Carroll - Grits, poem
Janet Holmes - Depressive Episode, poem
Bob Hicok - Textbook Case, poem
Nancy Cohen - Dr. Steiner, poem
Gigi Marks - Four poems
R.M. Seehuus - Method, Practice, poem
Rebecca Goldstein - The Secret of My Art, story
Bruce Beasley - Leper's Lily, poem
L.R. Berger - Three poems
Liz Rosenberg - Two poems
Henrik Nordbrandt - Two poems, translated by Thom Satterlee
Jim Daniels - Three poems
Charles Cantrell - Two poems
Josip Novakovich - Literary Tombs, essay
T. Carmi - Three poems, translated by Tsipi Keller
Gregory Vargo - Three poems
Sandra Meek - The Way We Used to Believe, poem
Michael Byers - A Fair Trade, story
Melodie Starr - Edwards Sistrurus, poem
Douglas Woodsum - Two poems
Dennis J. Fogland - Difficult Things, poem
Sandra Kohler - Dreaming Around the Solstice, poem
Faulkner Fox - Two poems

Toi Derricotte - Imperfect Thirst, Galway Kinnell
Willis G. Regier - Mazel, Rebecca Golstein
David Citino - O Paradise, William Trowbridge
Gregory L. Morris - Wild Game, Frank Bergon
Wheeler Winston Dixon - Mythologies of the Heart, Gerard Malanga
Jeff Parker Knight - Entries, Wendell Berry
                               The Simple Truth, Philip Levine

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