Archives > Summer 1999

Volume 73, Number 2, Summer 1999
Special Issue: Disruptions

Contributors and Cover credit 

Sandra Spanier - "I Can't Go On, I'll Go On": Kay Boyle's Lullaby of Incarceration and Cancer,
Stephen Dunn - Four poems
Cathryn Hankla - Two prose poems
Barbara Helfgott Hyett - The Times, poem
Virgil Suarez - Song for the Royal Palms of Miami, poem
Claudia MonPere McIsaac - Two poems
Phyllis Sanchez Gussler - An In-Between Season, story
Greg Rappleye - Three poems
Theodore Deppe - Six poems
Heather Dubrow - Border Crossings, poem
Marc Levy - Two poems
William Kloefkorn - Two poems
Susan Eisenberg - Five poems
Dana Levin - Three poems
Penelope Austin - A Terminal Life: Reflections on Fear After a Decade of Living With Cancer,
Kate Sontag - Caribbean Breast Lullabye, poem
Carol Mickett - Five poems
Elizabeth Biller Chapman - Adobe, poem
Marjorie Saiser - Mammogram, poem
Linda Ramey - Two poems
Catherine A. Salmons - Three poems
Alice Friman - Three poems
Pattie Cowell - Deep Focus, essay
Nancy Naomi Carlson - Two poems
Cortney Davis - Five poems
Jennifer Carr - Keeping Pace, short short story
Lola Haskins - Three poems
Gary Fincke - Tithing, poem
M. Adam Stanley - Blackout, short short story
Carol S. Westberg - Vigil, poem
Susan Roney-O'Brien - Four poems
Sandra Meek - Foundations for Fire, poem
George Singer - At the NICU, poem
Susan Kelly-DeWitt - Four poems
Frederick Zydek - Two poems
Nancy Welch - Mental, story
Brian Swann - Two poems
Lee Sharkey - Two poems
Bob Hicok - At the Table for No Reason, poem
Marilyn Kallet - Two poems
Helen Papell - A Red Ribbon for Jane, poem
Robert C. Patterson - Biopsy, poem
Aliki Barnstone - Street Names, poem
Allen C. Fischer - The Sound of Healing, poem
Nancy McCabe - The End of the Tunnel, essay
Deanne Lundin - Two poems
Joanna Klink - Elegy, poem
Paulann Petersen - Miracle, poem


Theodore Worozbyt - View with a Grain of Sand, Wislawa Szymborska
                                   Selected Poems, Wislawa Szymborska
Constance Merritt - What Wind Will Do, Debra Bruce
Terri Tvrdy - The Giant's House, Elizabeth McCracken
Joel B. Peckham, Jr. - Familiar Things, Craig Challender 

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