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Summer 2006

Volume 80, Number 2, Summer 2006
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Brent Spencer -- The True History, story
Peter Pereira -- Four poems
Mahmoud Darwish -- Three poems, translated by Fady Joudah
Fady Joudah -- Three poems
Mark Doty -- Theory of Economics, poem
Paul Lisicky -- Bess Helen's Dog, story
Robert Nazarene -- Two poems
Dorianne Laux -- When She Dies, poem
Stephen Dunn -- Three poems
Marvin Bell -- Five poems
Carol Bly -- An Amateur's Story, story
Beth Thomas -- Three poems
Jeff Friedman -- Two poems
Richard Chess -- Two poems
Stefi Weisburd -- Two poems
Floyd Skloot -- Four poems
Janet Burroway -- Chronotope, story
Harriet Brown -- Three poems
Joan McGavin -- Two poems
Joel Friederich -- Two poems
Jim Moore -- Twenty-seven Short Poems
Marjorie Sandor -- Two Short Essays
Brian Swann -- Three poems
Mary Moore -- Two poems
Joseph Campana -- Four poems
Elizabeth Bradfield -- Cul-de-sac Linguistics, poem
Susan Donnelly -- Three poems
Lynn Strongin -- Four poems
JoeAnn Hart -- Woodbine & Asters, story
Christine Gelineau -- Hard Evidence, poem
John Bargowski -- Two poems
Walter Griffin -- Three poems
Carol W. Bachofner -- Two poems
Andrew Porter -- The Theory of Light and Matter, story
Gretchen Primack -- Two poems
Elizabeth Rees -- Four poems
Shane Seely -- The Beech Nut, poem
Robert Oberg -- Ichthys, poem
Robert Bense -- Portraits in a Lost Grey, poem
Eduardo Milán -- Two poems, translated by Steven J. Stewart and Patrick Madden

In Memoriam, David Citino


Daryl Farmer -- The Singing and Dancing Daughters of God, Timothy Schaffert
Elaine Sexton -- Review of Five Chapbooks
Erin Flanagan -- Between Two Rivers, Nicholas Rinaldi
Elizabeth Kennedy -- Refusing Heaven, Jack Gilbert
Jack Vespa -- Insomnia Diary, Bob Hicok

Contributors and cover credit

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