Archives > Winter 2000

Volume 74, Number 4, Winter  2000
Contributors and Cover credit

Gina Ochsner - A Blessing, story
Khaled Mattawa - Genealogy of Fire, poem
Jane Hirshfield - Four poems
Duane Niatum - Three poems
Peggy Shumaker - Three poems
Charles Levendosky - Four poems
Robert Dana - Three poems
Gabriela Mistral - Three poems, translated by Margaret Baker
Lisa M. Steinman - Two poems
Chauna Craig - Harm's Way, story
Robley Wilson - In the Greenhouse, poem
Megan Sexton - Three poems
Linda Pastan - Round the Mulberry Bush, poem
Virgil Suarez - Duende, poem
Ioanna Carlsen - Two poems
Elaine Sexton - Three poems
Lynn Domina - Three poems
Jon Tribble - All Comers, poem
J. V. Brummels - Three poems
Judith Hall - Three poems
Michael Casey - Four poems
Richard Tyrrell - Art, On the Continent of Violence, poem
Natalia Rachel Singer - Blurred Vision: How the Eighties Began in One American Household, essay
Rynn Williams - Two poems
Edwina Trentham - Our Daily Bread, poem
Len Roberts - Two poems
Robert Gibb - Three poems
Pam Bernard - Three poems
Jennifer Lighty - Diving Through Sound, poem
Joel B. Peckham, Jr. - Six poems
Scott Chisholm - Two poems
Glenna Luschei - Cricket Box, poem
Luisa Villani - Chiapas de Corzo, poem
Patricia O'Donnell - Scales, story
Barbara Schmitz - Two poems
Philip Tobin - The Temple of the Dead, poem
Marnie Ellis - Two poems
Sandra Kohler - Spring's Calendar, poem
Katharine Coles - Wishing for Winter, poem
William Trowbridge - The Wonderful World of Disney, poem
Alicia Beale - Past Light, poem


Natasha Sajé - Funeral Pie, Stuart Friebert
                 The Tension Zone, Sarah Gorham
                     Trespasser, R. T. Smith
                 Tremble, C. D. Wright
Jo Ann Heydron - Still Waters in Niger, Kathleen Hill
James Kimbrell - Possession, Angela Ball
Charlotte Hogg - Flight Dreams: A Life in the Midwestern Landscape, Lisa Knopp
Deborah Woodard - Storm, Judith Skillman
Steven Sher - Pianos Around the Cape, Glenna Luschei

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