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Winter 2005

Volume 79, Number 4, Winter 2005
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Maxine Kumin--Writing in Multiple Genres, essay

Jay Rogoff--Two poems

Agi Mishol--Two poems, translated by Lisa Katz

Hilary Masters--In Rooms of Memory, essay

A Prairie Schooner Portfolio, edited by Hadara Bar-Nadav:

Ekphrastic Poems by Alicia Ostriker, Kevin Prufer, Chad Davidson, Stefi Weisburd, Joseph P. Wood, Bob Hicok, Lia Purpura, Dionisio D. Martínez, R. T. Smith, Misty Harper, Sean McDonnell, Peggy Shumaker, Beth Bachmann, Mary Jo Bang, Timothy Liu, Celia Stuart-Powles, and Braden Welborn.

Enid Shomer--The Hottest Spot on Earth, story

Susan Hutton--Three poems

Marjorie Saiser--Two poems

David Moolten--Three poems

Alta Ifland--Metallic Choir, poem translated from the French by the author

Debra Gwartney--The Note, essay

Amy Lemmon--Three poems

A. V. Christie--Two poems

Roy Scheele--Four poems

Bianca Diaz--No One Says Kin Anymore, poem

Sandra S. Leong--Ma and Me, story

Martha Silano--Two poems

Ann D. Garbett--Three poems

Linda Jenkins--Two poems

Gloria Parker--Two poems

Susann Cokal--Shooting Snakes, story

Miho Nonaka--Three poems

Kristen Tracy--Two poems

P. J. Stanskas--Two poems

R. F. McEwen--Two poems

Rob Griffith--Three poems

G. K. Wuori--Plain Women Speaking Beautifully, story

Marc J. Sheehan--Vernal Equinox Near the 45th Parallel, poem


Stephen C. Behrendt reviews The Burning World,by Robert Gibb and Lives of the Animals by Robert Wrigley

Elizabeth Horan reviews Abundant Light by Valerie Miner

Christine Stewart-Nuñez reviews Resistance Fantasies by Diane Thiel, Horses and the Human Soul by Judith Barrington, Dog Angel by Jesse Lee Kercheval

Susan Tekulve reviews The Etruscan by Linda Lappin

Contributors and Cover Credit

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