Archives > Winter 1993

Volume 67, Number 4, Winter 1993
Special Issue: Canadian Women Writers

Contributors and Cover credit 

Sharon Butala - Telling the Truth, essay
Beth Richards - Interview with Margaret Atwood
Robyn Sarah - Unlit Water, story
P. K. Page - Four Poems
Stephanie Bolster - Five Poems
Di Brandt - this is it! i've found it at last! nirvana,
the Elysian fields, heaven, poem 
Lorna Crozier - Three Poems
Connie Gault - Inspection of a Small Village, story
Cornelia Hoogland - Three Poems
Elizabeth Brewster - Eight Poems
Marcia C. Frid - Butterflies, poem
Jennifer Footman - Three Poems
Marlene Nourbese Philip - Stop Frame, story
Deborah Eibel - Six Poems
Susan Glickman - Two Poems
Rita Joe - Two Poems
Charlene D. Jones - Wisewoman, poem
Zoe Landale - Manifesto, poem
Carole Glasser Langille - Two Poems
Alice Lee - Four Poems
Elise Levine - This Is It, poem
Sharon Butala - Postmodernism, story
Roo Borson - Three Poems
Laura Lush - Three Poems
SkyBlue Morin - Two Poems
Susan Musgrave - Two Poems
Linda Griffiths - The Speed Christmas, play excerpt
Rhea Tregebov - Four Poems
Carolyn Zonailo - The Attic Room, poem
Kristjana Gunnars - The Falls, story
Janice Kulyk Keffer - Winter Cemetery: Annapolis, poem

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