Archives > Winter 1997

Volume 71, Issue 4, Winter 1997

Contributors and Cover credit 

Martha Collins - Two poems
Wayne Karlin - Lizard Wine, story
Carol Frost - Five poems
Ronald Wallace - Three poems
Arthur Smith - Measure Being the Soul of Management, poem
Jesse Lee Kercheval - Glimmerglass, poem
Cynthia Macdonald - Heaven is God's Throne; Earth, His Footstool, memoir
Judith Sornberger - Six poems
Floyd Skloot - Two poems
Robert Collins - Two poems
Peter Kussi - Dramatis Personae, story
Martha Christina - Three poems
Nancy Simpson - Three poems
Shavarsh Nartouni - Three poems, translated by Diana Der-Hovanessian
Diana Goodman - Junior High, poem
A. Manette Ansay - Church Suppers, poem
Marge Piercy - Four poems
Gary Pacernick - Interview with Marge Piercy
Maureen Seaton and Denise Duhamel - Six poems
Nance Van Winckel - No Matter How Much We Loved Them, poem
E. D. Aronowitz - Two poems
Nancy Krim - Two poems
Buck Beliles - Vanity, essay
Alberta Arthurs - On Friendship and Maxine Kumin, essay
Phyllis Koestenbaum - Two poems
Paula Friedman - Possum Dream, poem
Elizabeth Oness - Two poems
Teresa Cader - Two poems
Don Welch - Dancing with the Nurse, poem
Mercedes Roffé - from Night and Words, translated by K. A. Kopple
Jennie Acker Camp - Parallel Tracks, story
Robert Gibb - Elegies for the Trees, poem
Alane Rollings - Two poems
Julia Wendell - I Left My Husband for This, poem
Deborah Pope - Pavane for Sleeping Children, poem
Josephine Redlin - In the Web of It, poem
Rita Signorelli-Pappas - Two poems
Linnea Johnson - Unmarked Grave: Block A, Grave 1280, Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, poem
Gershom Gorenberg - Two poems


Beth Brant - Beneath My Heart, Janice Gould
                    Simple Songs, Vickie Sears
Jonathan Holden - Invisible Horses, Patricia Goedicke
                             Materialism, Jorie Graham
                             Ghost Ship, Mary Kinzie
Ted Kooser - Anne & Alpheus; 1842-1882, Joe Survant
Gwendolyn Audrey Foster - Disturbing Pleasures: Learning Popular Culture, Henry Giroux
                                            Film, Politics, and Gramsci, Marcia Landy
                                           Cultural Studies and Cultural Value, John Frow
Marilyn Krysl - Blood and Milk, Sharon Solwitz
Jane Varley - Color Documentary, LuAnn Keener

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