Archives > Winter 1999

Volume 73, Number 4, Winter 1999

Contributors and Cover credit 

Maxine Kumin - Keynote Speech, PEN-NE Center 4/11/99 at JFK Library, Boston
Marilyn Hacker - Two poems
Carole Simmons-Oles - Five poems
Frank X. Gaspar - Two poems
Mark Perlberg - The Passion of Vermeer, poem
Terese Svoboda - Four poems
Constance Merritt - Three poems
Janet Burroway - Deconstruction, story
Jonathan Johnson - Four poems
Judith Strasser - Two poems
Mark Halperin - Two poems
Marilyn Kallet - Two poems
Denise Duhamel - Three poems
Ruth Behar - I Told You: Love Would Last Us, story
Paul Zimmer - Five poems
Gerard Malanga - The Life and Death of a Photograph, poem
Douglas Goetsch - Four poems
Liz Rosenberg - Five poems
Stephanie Levin - Three poems
Edward Hardy - Band Day, story
Susan Aizenberg - Two poems
Jeanne Murray Walker - Two poems
Annie Finch - Two poems
Elizabeth Kirschner - Two poems
Adrienne Su - My Middle Kingdom, essay
Kim-An Lieberman - Wings, poem
Roy Jacobstein - Sto Lat, poem


Venetria K. Patton - Bone Black: Memories of Girlhood, bell hooks
Colette Inez - The Red Window, Pamela Stewart
Brian Henry - Sonnets from the Puerto Rican, Jack Agüeros
Stephen Behrendt - The Origins of the Evening, Robert Gibb
                               Broken Helix, Dina Ben-Lev
                               Settling, Mary Logue
                               Spliced Romanticism, Jeffrey C. Robinson
Jonathan Holden - The Hour Between Dog and Wolf, Laure-Anne Bosselaar
Joel B. Peckham, Jr. - Fate's Kite, Dave Smith


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