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Prairie Schooner 75th Anniversary Celebration and Conference
October 11-13, 2001
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Thank you to everyone who contributed their time, support and effort to the Prairie Schooner 75th Anniversary Celebration and Conference -- a grand success!  Over 730 writers, scholars, and attendees came from Portugal, Japan, England, and from many states including Alaska, and our evening events had between three and five hundred people in the audience. AP picked up the story and we had publicity in newspapers from New Hampshire to California. Prairie Schooner entered its second 75 years with the good news of an endowed chair for the editor and flexible funds in perpetuity to enhance the magazine and our vision and mission for the future.

We'll leave the full conference schedule up a little longer so you can relive the memories or read through and kick yourself for not coming. Copies of the Fall 75th Anniversary Issue are still available for $9.00 so at least you can leave it on your coffee table and impress your friends.

Lincoln Nebraska as a mecca for literary culture and entertainment, who knew? (Well, we did. But it's nice to see the word get out.)

For more information,
contact Kelly Grey
Prairie Schooner
201 Andrews Hall
Lincoln NE  68588-0334

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