Excerpts >Spring 2006

Annette Spaulding-Convy

Confessions from an Apiary

Church candles must contain at least 51%
(in maxima parte) beeswax, which is Pure,
being made by virgin worker bees.

– The Catholic Encyclopedia

If I light one for the Queen
of Heaven, maybe the confession box will drip
with the 49% of me that’s raw and unfiltered.

Domine, ne despicias me

Through the screen, he looks like a Kitchen God,
his red, paper body hung
above the flames of a thousand busy women.

Quamvis malus, quamvis indignus et peccator

There’s always forgiveness for honey in my hip
pocket, for fingers that rub it on his lips.
He’ll speak sweetly of me,
explain to the Jade Emperor
why I tumble
into any open flower
when warm days lift me over the threshold.

Illumina me et visita me

One night, I’ll burn his paper body like a votive,
catch smoke on my long tongue,
smear the box of matches with nectar.

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