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Spring 2004

Volume 78, Number 1, Spring 2004
Contributors and Cover credit

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Geoffrey Becker - Jimi Hendrix, Bluegrass Star, story
Judith Ortiz Cofer - Two poems
Michael J. Rosen - Georgic: On Apples, poem
Joanna Goodman - Three poems
Dionisio D. Martinez - Two poems
Bill Sweeney - Four poems
Pattiann Rogers - Bearings on a Winter Evening, poem
Tamara Friedman - Stealing Sherisha, story
Annette L. Murrell - Poem for a white boy, poem
Jesse Lee Kercheval - Three poems
Annie Finch - Four poems
Susan Elizabeth Howe - Two poems
Eugene Gloria - Three poems
Anna Monardo - Mary, story
Terry Wolverton - Paradox, poem
Marge Piercy - The Fading Betrayal, poem
Nancy Esposito - What There Is, poem
Lisa D. Chavez - The Dismantling of Parts, poem
Dan Bellm - July 4: Lot’s Wife, poem
Robert Siegel - Two poems
Willis Barnstone - Back in 1901, poem
A. B. Emrys - Selections from Popular Theories of Writing
Norbert Hirschhorn - Two poems
Andrea Selch - Three poems
Sharon Chmielarz - A Christmas Story . . . of a Sort, poem
Rane Arroyo - Two poems
J. V. Brummels - Bedtime Story, poem
Jeffery Bahr - My Life Fails to Pass Before My Eyes, poem
David A. Taylor - Nailing a Freight on the Fly: The Federal Writers’ Project in Nebraska, essay
Caley O’Dwyer - Two poems
Nancy Krygowski - Vocabulary of Comfort, poem
Elizabeth Kirschner - Grey Night, Grey Day, poem,
Peggy Shumaker - You Should Know Better, poem
Maxine Scates - The Curtain, poem
Jane Bailey - Two poems
Heidi Shayla - The River Pig, story
Michelle Biting - Two poems
Sandra Skipwith Bowen - Two poems
Maureen Picard Robins - Three poems
Allison Benis - Two poems
Philip Metres - Two poems
Karen I. Jaquish - Tourists at Peredelkino, poem
Lisa Katz - Dream of Peaceful Neutrality, poem
Richard Lehnert - Two poems
Leonardo Alishan - Three short stories
Michael Brosnan - Three poems
Nancy O’Dea Reddy - Two poems
John Repp - Feral, poem
Mark Perlberg - Against Cosmology, poem
Anthony Butts - The Model, poem
Louise Mathias - Four poems
Judith Arcana - Facts of Life, poem
Peter Viereck - Two Liners
Meena Alexander - Three Poems


Constance Studer - I Knew a Woman: The Experience of the Female Body, Cortney Davis
Wheeler Winston Dixon - A Purchase in the White Botanica: The Collected Poetry of Piero Heliczer, Gerard Malanga and Anselm Hollow, editors
Garnett Kilberg Cohen - Holocaust Girls: History, Memory, and Other Obsessions, S. L. Wisenberg
Moore Moran - No Second Eden, Turner Cassity

Contributors and Cover credit

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