Fall 2002

Fall 2002

Volume 76, Number 3, Fall 2002
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M. Evelina Galang - Lavandera, story
Marilyn Hacker - Four poems
Roy Jacobstein - Four poems
Rachel Zucker - Four poems from Eating in the Underworld
Diane Ackerman - Three poems
Aimee Nezhukumatathil - Two poems
Ladette Randolph - Litany for the Last Days, essay
Karen Falkenstrom - Two poems
Natasha Sajé - Two poems
Joel Long - Two poems
David Hernandez - Three poems
Jennifer Militello - Two poems
Elton Glaser - Two poems
Richard Foerster - Five poems
Jenn McKee - Under the Influence, story
Kathleen Jesme - Four poems
Simon Perchik - Two poems
John Addiego - Two poems
Bob Hicok - Dropping the Euphemism, poem
Rishi P. Reddi - Karma, story
David Nadal Moolten - Two poems
Judith Harris - Two poems
Sarah Kennedy - Three poems
Alison Pelegrin - Two poems
Peter Harris - Opening the Door, poem
Neil Azevedo - Bad Boy, poem
Susan Scheid - Daguerreotypy, story
Lydia Melvin - Three poems
Dana Curtis - Five poems from Trespasses
Dennis Saleh - Three poems
Philip Terman - Two poems
Jennifer Chang - Bagel Shop, poem
Bethany Reid - The Horse, poem
Lynne Burris Butler - There Must Be a Pony, poem


Stephen C. Behrendt - Reign of Snakes, Robert Wrigley
- The Way In, Robin Chapman
- Buried Treasure, Dan Bellm
- Post Meridian, Mary Ruefle
Teresa S. Mathes - The Sweetheart Is In, S. L. Wisenberg
Miriam Sagan - The Music We Dance To, Rebecca Seiferle
Teri Grimm - The Extraordinary Tide: New Poetry by American Women, edited by Susan Aizenberg and Erin Belieu
Erin Flanagan - Georgia Under Water, Heather Sellers
Greg Kuzma - How to Get Out of the Body, Barbara Schmitz
David Mason - Winter Morning Walks: 100 Postcards to Jim Harrison, Ted Kooser

Contributors and Cover credit

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