Fall 2003

Fall 2003

Volume 77, Number 3, Fall 2003
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Nancy McCabe - In Another Tongue, essay
Jana Harris - Five poems
Lee Ann Roripaugh - Two poems
Ava Leavell Haymon - Cornucopia, poem
Rodger Kamenetz - Sixty-six Proverbs, poem
Gina Franco - Their Lives and Shadows, poem
Valerie Sayers - An Education in the Faith, story
Jason Thompson - Four poems
Daisy Fried - Three poems
Rachel M. Harper - Three poems
Susan Kelly-DeWitt - Three poems
Josip Novakovich - On Finding a Grave in Cleveland, essay
Anna Marie Craighead-Kintis - Mirsada, poem
Andrea Hollander Budy - Two poems
Valerie Wohlfeld - Three poems
Anne MacKay - Two poems
Richard Frost - Three poems
Valerie Miner - Percussion, story
Margaret Ronda - Two poems
Matthew Thorburn - Just You, Just Me, poem
Jeff Worley - Two poems
Carol Westburg - Tattoo, poem
Charles Harper Webb - Two poems
Maggie Smith - The Beginning, poem
Chantel Acevedo - The Tourist?s Gift, story
Liz Ahl - Three poems
Marilyn Kallet - Three poems
Hillel Schwartz - Two poems
Daniel Simpson - Three poems
Geraldine Connolly - Deep in the Barn, poem
Joanne Allred - Two poems
Judith Beck - Button Up Your Overcoat, essay
Debra Bruce -Two poems
Don Welch - After Yeats, poem
John Tagliabue - Waves of Experience and Our Miracles of Wishes, poem
Dan AlbergottiTurning Back, poem
Gary FinckeThe Magpie Evening: A Prayer, poem


David Roderick - Book of My Nights, Li-Young Lee
James Brasfield - Selected Poems and Prose of Paul Celan, translated by John Felstiner; Glottal Stop: 101 Poems by Paul Celan, translated by Nikolai Popov & Heather McHugh
Sarah Kennedy - The Finger Bone, Kevin Prufer
Peter Wolfe - The Haunting of L. Howard Norman
Molly Bendall - Louise in Love, Mary Jo Bang
Jack Smith - The Marriage of Anna Maye Potts, DeWitt Henry

Contributors and Cover credit

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