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All day long we sit in the office trying to concentrate, but inevitably it happens: a shred of sky, maybe a tree, will catch in the reflective glare of the computer screen and we're off daydreaming again. How can we not? It's 85 degrees outside, perfect Nebraska weather, and we're close to the only people here--the graveyard of English departments in the summer.

Granted, we have plenty to do--manuscripts to read, a fantastic Winter fiction issue to finish organizing, and details to polish for our 75th Anniversary Conference and Celebration so we'll be sure you have enough readings, panels, cocktails, and entertainment come October. And we realize we could be doing some of this outside--it's 2001, the age of the cell phone, the laptop, and that hand-held computerized planner thing--but we're Midwesterners now, even those of us who weren't born and raised here, and with that comes a martyrdom and passive-aggressiveness like you can't believe. We're not saying we want you to feel sorry for us, guilty that we're almost numb from the drone of the air-conditioner, we'd just like you to give a little back. Show a little concern. Would it kill you to pick up a phone and call? 

And also, we're not above bribery.

If you call us with a Visa or MasterCard for a two-year subscription--a measly $45.00--we'll happily throw in a free T-shirt. And if that won't make you happy, how about we substitute a totebag? Erin, so happy with the sound of a human voice, will describe in detail the elaborate embroidery on the T-shirt, the actual dimensions of the "jumbo tote," the biggest damn totebag we could order. Not to mention, all the great fiction, poetry, essays, and reviews you'll receive over the next two years (don't worry--if she tries to keep you on the phone, the call's toll free at 1-800-715-2387).

So give us a call, let us know what you're up to, and pick up two more years of the best new writing available.


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