Current Issue > Spring 2005

Winter 2004

Volume 79, Number 1, Spring 2005
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Linda Lappin - Jane Heap and Her Circle, essay
Carole Simmons Oles - In Rome, Restoration, poem

Glenna Luschei, In Appreciation:
A Prairie Schooner Portfolio

Cai Quijiao - Two poems, translated by Edward Morin, Fang Dai, Dennis Ding and Chunjian Xue
Linda Pastan - Three poems
Marc J. Straus - Two poems
Adrienne Su - Three poems
Enid Shomer - Two poems
William Kloefkorn - One poem
Maurya Simon - Four poems
Moira Linehan - Vocation, poem
Sarah Gorham - A Woman Drawn Twice, essay
Peter Pereira - Seven poems
Sue William Silverman - Queen Hatasu Descends to Throne, poem
Suzanne Cleary - Letter to the Black Dog Opera Library, To Accompany a Defective CD, poem
Susan Jackson Rodgers - What Happens Next, story
David Ray - Two poems
Samn Stockwell - Two poems
Ellen Bass - Two poems
Toni Brown - Three poems
David Keplinger - Towards a Reconciliation with Disorder, poem
Michelle Wildgen - You’re Not You, story
Kathleen Flenniken - Map of the Marriage Bed, poem
Anne Marie Macari - Two poems
Rick Bursky - Two poems
David Romtvedt - Two poems
Sharon F. McDermott - Still Life: Transvestite, Daylilies, poem
David Williams - Three poems
Alfred Corn - Oklahoma, poem


Ted Kooser - The Zones of Paradise, Lynn Powell
Paul Scott Stanfield - Minding the Darkness, Peter Dale Scott
Elaine Sexton - Uprock Headspin Scamble and Dive, Patrick Rosal,Eve’s Red Dress, Diane Lockward, The Resurrection of the Body and the Ruin of the World, Paul Guest, Storm Damage, Melissa Hotchkiss
Hadara Bar-Nadav - Eating in the Underworld, Rachel Zucker

Contributors and Cover credit

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