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Fall 2004

Volume 78, Number 3, Fall 2004
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Susan Fromberg Schaeffer ­ Wolves, story
Maxine Kumin ­ Three poems
Rick Bass ­ The Value of Lodgepole, poem
Janice N. Harrington ­ Possum, poem
Cathleen Calbert ­ Two poems
David Dooley ­ Three poems
Leslie Lawrence ­ Heaven, Man, Earth story
Lisa Olstein ­ Two poems
Amy Beeder ­ Two poems
Tim Kahl ­ Society of Allergics, poem
Mark Halperin ­ Two poems
Kevin King ­ Two poems
Kate Lynn Hibbard ­ Muscatine, poem
Catherine Tudish ­ The Secret Village, story
Gaylord Brewer ­ My Secret Life of Crime, poem
Katy Giebenhain ­ Three poems
Andrew Frisardi ­ A Translator to His Author, poem
Christof Scheele ­ Two poems
Brian Taylor ­ Two poems
Joanie Mackowski ­ Two poems
Michelle Hoover ­ Good Water, story
Joanne Hayhurst ­ Empty House, poem
Tom Daley ­ The Reach, poem
Paul Guest ­ For a Woman?s Back, poem
Aviya Kushner ­ All-Request Hour, poem
Beth Anne Royer ­ A Story About Time, poem
Erika Meitner ­ Engagement, poem
Robert Vivian ­ Looking for The Bishop, essay
Paul Ruffin ­ Two poems
Jennifer L. Knox ­ Samurai and Child, poem
Lola Haskins ­ When Mother, poem
Brent Hendricks ­ Three poems
Patricia Staton ­ Body #6: Nude with Bowl, poem
Wensday Carlton ­ Letter to You, Unborn poem
Eric Anderson ­ Night of the Country Club Invitation, poem
Hollis Giammatteo ­ The Perfidy of Things, essay
Rebecca Kavaler ­ What My Mother Told Me, poem
Kevin McFadden ­ Two poems
Julianne Buchsbaum ­ Terra Damnata, poem
Virgil Suárez ­ Two poems
Linda K. Sienkiewicz ­ Too Soon, poem
Judith Slater ­ Two poems
Bob Brooks ­ Apple and Image, poem


Willis G. Regier ­ The Temper of the West, William Jovanovich
Alfred Corn - Desesperanto: Poems 1992-2002, Marilyn Hacker
Bernadette Smyth - The Summer of the Sub-Comadante, Kathleen West
Keith Newton - Radiance, Jose Osterhaus; Union, Don Share
Peter Wolfe - Cosmopolis, Don De Lillo

Contributors and Cover credit

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