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Prairie Schooner Prizes

Annual Prairie Schooner Writing Prizes Awarded

Thanks to generous donors, Prairie Schooner was able to give fourteen writing prizes for work published in its 2004 volume. Prairie Schooner is a quarterly magazine dedicated to publishing the best available writing, by both established and emerging writers, and has been published continuously since 1926. Prairie Schooner is published with the support of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln English Department and the University of Nebraska Press.

The Lawrence Foundation Award, a prize of $1,000, goes to Alice Hoffman for her story, "Insulting the Angels" in the Summer 2004 issue.

The Virginia Faulkner Award for Excellence in Writing, a prize of $1,000, goes to Michelle Wildgen for her story, "You're Not You," in the Winter 2004 issue.

The Bernice Slote Award, a prize of $500 awarded for the best work by a beginning writer, goes to Allison Benis, for her two poems in the Spring 2004 issue.

The Glenna Luschei Prairie Schooner Award, a prize of $1,000, is awarded to Peter Pereira, for his seven poems in the Winter 2004 issue.

The Hugh J. Luke Award, a prize of $250, goes to Linda Lappin, for her essay, "Jane Heap and Her Circle," in the Winter 2004 isssue.

The Annual Prairie Schooner Strousse Award of $500 goes to Carole Simmons Oles for her poem, "In Rome, Restoration," in the Winter 2004 issue.

The Edward Stanley Award of $1000 goes to Constance Merritt for her three poems in the Summer 2004 issue.

The Prairie Schooner Readers' Choice Awards of $250 each went to:

Linda Pastan for three poems in Winter 20004

Eugene Gloria for three poems in Spring 2004

Maxine Kumin for three poems in Fall 2004

Adrienne Su for three poems in Winter 2004

Janet Burroway for the story, "Oracles," in Summer 2004

Maurya Simon for four poems in Winter 2004

Catherine Tudish for the story, "The Secret Village," in Fall 2004

These prizes are awarded to work published in Prairie Schooner during the preceding year. Members of the Department of English at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln are not elgible for these prizes.