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Can you believe it's been seven long years? I suppose when you're reading a magazine that's about to celebrate 75 years of continuous publication, seven is trivial, but it's an awfully long time to go without raising prices. Prairie Schooner has been so busy publishing wonderful authors year after year it's just slipped our minds, and now we find ourselves in a bit of a pinch—and right before the holidays, no less.

But relax. We wouldn't be so cruel to hike prices without advance warning, so here goes:

This is your last chance to subscribe or renew at the old prices!

Now is the time to subscribe to Prairie Schooner, and enjoy reading a top-rate literary magazine at cut-rate prices. Why subscribe? Do the names Bret Lott, Ursula Hegi, A. Manette Ansay, ring a bell? Before they appeared on Oprah's Book Club, they were published in Prairie Schooner. Seen the Paul Newman flicks "Nobody's Fool" or "Twilight"? Before Richard Russo made it big as a Hollywood screenwriter, his work appeared in Prairie Schooner. And before Rita Dove was named Poet Laureate of the United States, her poems appeared in Prairie Schooner. Read the stories before they appear in Best American Short Stories, read the poems before they win Pushcart Prizes, read the essays before they're included in the Norton Anthologies. Subscribe or renew now to receive four issues a year of the best new writing available. And do it before you have to pay more.

Plus, we have an end-of-year, before-we-raise-our-prices special:

A free Prairie Schooner canvas totebag for every two one-year subscriptions you order!

Get a one-year subscription/renewal for yourself and a one-year subscription for a friend, get a totebag! Get a one-year subscription/renewal for yourself and three one-year subscriptions for your friends, get two totebags! (You can never have enough totebags, right?)

Make these happy holidays for you, your friends, and Prairie Schooner. Subscribe now.

Hilda Raz
Editor, Prairie Schooner

To order, send an e-mail to eflanagan2@unl.edu or call us 1-800-715-2387.
Be sure to include: the addresses you'd like the subscriptions/renewals sent to, and the address for the tote bag(s). MasterCard and Visa are accepted.