Samples and Back Issues

Do you want a copy of your favorite Prairie Schooner back issue?

Selected back issues are available for purchase by calling 1-800-715-2387. Talk to your friendly Prairie Schooner staff member who will tell you what's available and how much it costs. We take Visa, Mastercard, check, and money order.

The following special issues are also available:

Winter 2001 Fiction Issue

Fall 2001 75th Anniversary Issue

Spring 2000 Writing from Alaska Issue

Writers, want to know if Prairie Schooner publishes work like yours?

Yes? Then read an issue or two. Sample copies are available for $6 and they're easy to order:

Simply send your request, plus a check or money order to:

Prairie Schooner
Sample Copy
201 Andrews Hall
The University of Nebraska
Lincoln NE 68588-0334

We'll rush one out to you right away.

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