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Summer 2005

Volume 79, Number 2, Summer 2005
Contributors and Cover credit

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Ron Hansen—Wilde in Omaha, story
Stephen Dunn— Three poems
Leslie Adrienne Miller— Three poems
Constance Merritt— Three poems
Jesse Lee Kercheval —Three poems
Aaron Smith— Three poems
Jane Barnes— Rapture, story
James Ragan— The Treaty at Iwuy, poem
Jim Daniels— Three poems
Marge Piercy— Three poems
Michael Blumenthal— Two poems
Richard Wollman— Five poems
William Trowbridge— Wow, poem
Lee Martin— People Always Going To, story
Diane Mehta— Two poems
Denise Duhamel— Urban Legend, poem
Barbara F. Lefcowitz— The Dendrite Cities, poem 6
Suzanne E. Berger— Horizon, poem
Floyd Skloot— Three poems
Lon Otto— What is Son?, story
Marilyn Krysl— Two poems
Sigman Byrd— The Jack-Tar’s Lament, poem
Mark Halperin— Four poems
Cathy Colman— Four poems
Christina Hutchins— Two poems
Leonard Chang— Wood Chips, story
Brian Henry— from Quarantine, poem
J. P. White— November, poem
Elizabeth Poliner— Two poems
J. Ely Shipley— Four poems
Rita Mae Reese— My Summer in Vulcan, story
Catherine Wing —Two poems
Jonathan Johnson —Two poems
Renate Wood— Dresden: 1945 / 2003, poem
Jon Pineda— Brunelleschi, poem
George Looney— Fish and Sin, poem
Matt Freidson— Wooden Fish, story
Joan I. Siegel— The Horse, poem
Julie Fay —Heat Wave, poem
Four Poems
In Memoriam

Joel Peckham— Living in Layers, poem
Annie Finch— Eclipse: Blood Moon
Gwyn McVay— Reetika, Jehan
Alice Friman— November Trees


Willis Regier— Inner Voices: Selected Poems, 1963– 2003 and Paper Trail: Selected Prose, 1965–2003, Richard Howard
Jehanne Dubrow —Underground Rivers, Peggy Shumaker
Stephen C. Behrendt— Davenport’s Version, John Gery Not So the Chairs: Selected and New Poems, Donald Finkel
James Walkowiak— Sleuth, Elaine Sexton
Richard Jackson— Rampant, Marvin Bell

Contributors and Cover credit

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