Winter 2002

Winter 2002

Volume 76, Number 4, Winter 2002
Contributors and Cover credit

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Brian Evenson - Virtual, story
David Wagoner - Four poems
Margaret Gibson - Two poems
Brian Komei Dempster - Sugar, poem
Constance Merritt - Four poems
Patricia Fargnoli - If Too Much Has Happened, poem
Daniel Tobin - Of the Harmony of Celestial Revelations, poem
Neela Vaswani - Where the Long Grass Bends, story
Angela Rydell - Three poems
Doug Sanders - Complex P, poem
Dina Coe - Eddie, poem
Robert Stewart - Eucharist of the Ear, poem
Theodore Worozbyt - The Extra Room, poem
R. F. McEwen - Two poems
Brenda Jo Brueggemann - Depending on Trees, essay
Stephen Ajay - Two poems
Jill Osier - Four poems
James Rioux - Beaver Pond, poem
John E. Smelcer, Two poems
James Duke - He Wouldn't Tell, poem
Ron De Maris - Adventures of Sesshu, poem
Lee Upton - Two poems
Marcella Fleischman Pixley - Four poems
K. E. Duffin - The Gallic Wars, poem
Nathaniel Bellows - Two poems
Marilyn Shannahan - A Map of Stars, story
Cathryn Cofell - Two poems
Kim Hye-sun - Three poems, translated by Don Mee Choi
Ann Hudson - Saint Francis Meets Ella Fitzgerald, poem
Vivian Shipley - The Difference between a Raw Onion and a Slow-cooked One, poem
Nancy Hall James - Egyptology, poem
Donna George Storey - Hot Spring, Story
S. Hatch - Going Down to Ocean, poem
Kathleen Hellen - Three poems
Janice Townley Moore - Three poems
Gary Fincke - Distraction Therapy, poem
Karen Swenson - Three poems
Joseph Chaney - Open House, poem
Brian Satrom - Eight Floors Up, poem
Douglas Goetsch - Two poems
Barry Targan - Avalon, story
Russell Thorburn - The Book of Injustice, poem
Diana Ben-Merre - Two poems
James Grinwis - Four poems
Melissa Morphew - Three poems
Scott Cofel - In Thinking Range, poem
Walter Bargen - No Help, prose poem


Stephen C. Behrendt - Symphony Number One & Selected Poems, Andrew H. Oerke
Peter Wolfe - The Savage Girl, Alex Shakar
Marcus Cafagña - Set this Book on Fire!, Jimmy Santiago Baca
David Martin - Crazy Quilt, Vivian Shipley
Jack Smith - All Weekend with the Lights On, Mark Wisniewski
Terry Cox - The Truth about Small Towns , David Baker

Contributors and Cover credit

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