Winter 2003

Winter 2003

Volume 77, Number 4, Winter 2003
Contributors and Cover credit

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Robert Olen Butler Severance - Three Fictions, story
Aimee Phan - Miss Lien, story
Alicia Ostriker - Three poems
Kathleene West - Alliterative Accentual Verse, With Love, poem
Gibson Fay-LeBlanc - Two poems
Jeanne Murray Walker - Four poems
Alice Friman - Two poems
Carol Potter - Three poems
Annette Sanford - Spring ?41, story
Rigoberto González - Scar, poem
April Lindner - Four poems
Richard Tayson - Two Poems
Natania Rosenfeld - Blue Ridge: A Lesson, poem
Marilyn Krysl - Transubstantiation, poem
Kevin Prufer - Two poems
R. T. Smith - Two poems and a story
Rachel Dacus - Two poems
Marianne Boruch - Three poems
Kevin Meaux - The Dusk of Uncles, poem
D. A. Powell - [you?d want to go to the reunion: see], poem
Holly Iglesias - Three poems
Lawrence Revard - Zadig?s Incantations to the Soccer Players, poem
William Trowbridge - from The Packing House Cantata, five poems
Tom Kealey - Bones, story
Twyla Hansen - Morning Fog, poem
Martin Cockroft - Two poems
Gary Margolis - Two poems
Carmine Sarracino - Armory Square Hospital, Washington, D.C. January, 1863, poem
Steve Langan - Three poems
Marie C. Jones - Two poems
Liane Strauss - Two poems
John Brehm - Two poems
Melissa Holmes - Two poems
Douglas Woodsum - Infected with Harmony, poem
Jenna Blum - Easter 1943, story
Katherine Soniat - Two poems
Sally W. Bliumis - Three poems
Floyd Skloot - The Home, essay
Julia Levine - Two poems
Terese Svoboda - Pang, poem
Jim Simmerman - Two poems
Anne Pierson Wiese - In the Garden, poem
Sandra Meek - Negotiating Versions of Forever, poem
Helen Conkling - Mozart, poem


Rafael Campo - Domestic Work and Bellocq's Ophelia, by Natasha Trethewey,
and The Paintings of Our Lives and Days of Wonder, Grace Schulman.
Stephen C. Behrendt - The Idea of the Ordinary by Carmine Sarracino.
Danielle J. Ibister - Cheyenne Line and Other Poems, by J. V. Brummels,
and Lost in Seward County, by Marjorie Saiser.
Kevin Cantwell - Philokalia: New and Selected Poems, by Scott Cairns.

Contributors and Cover credit

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