You have arrived at the Web Del Sol live chat room. It is easy to use and very real time. Instructions are below. Best hours to use are in the evenings, mornings, and on weekends. Avoid net rush hour if possible, M-F from 12pm to 4pm, EST.

    If you wish to promote or put out a call for attendees for a specific roundtable, meeting, or discussion, mail the editor and he will make an announcement on the WDS homepage.


Chat Instructions

  • To begin, enter a unique user name and click "Connect."

  • We recommend clicking the "Float" button to release the chat window and enable it to move about your monitor, especially if you have narrow screen resolution.

  • Messages are displayed in the chat window, user names in the top right window. To talk, type your comment or question in the text line box below the message window display. Your message will be sent to all users. To talk privately to a particular user, highlight the user from user name list, select the 'Private User' radio button, type your message. Whatever you type will remain "private" until you turn 'Private User' off.

  • To screen out unwanted users, highlight the user from the users list on the right. And select the 'Ignore User' check box.

  • To end your chat session, click the 'Log Off' button.

  • The 'Surf!' button opens a new browser and displays the last URL typed in the message box.

Sorry, your browser is not Java enabled, you will not be able to chat.