Ideas don't come without limbs, and so these are no longer ideas but limbs,
     limbs fighting among themselves.

The mental world was never anything but that which remains from a hellish
     trampling of organs while the man who had them is no more.

It is thought from below that leads,
there is absolutely no criterion of spirit, of judgement,
spirit is no longer anything but adventitious memory,
the more a body is a body, the farther it is from spirit and from its consciousness,
and the more worth it has in body,
and the more the idea of worth escapes,
with its value and its quality,
and the more the life of the body proper keeps it from differentiating itself
against value and quality,
between value and quality,
and drives the quality of existing to despair;
and the more the body radiates completely in the oblivion of intrinsic value,
and of the spirit of quality,
and the more it radiates and becomes concrete,
in that the body wanted to squeeze itself out and to collect, in order to
     completely become body, in its hatred of spirituality.

The principle of yoga is based on the eternal happiness of swallowing the
     sorrow of others.

What body is is the emaciation of one's own matter,
achieved by oneself;
what has not been achieved in one's own sorrow
falls away at the hour of death,
until becoming pure spirit, and so that a part of the body can become evil
     matter of pure spirit.

                                              lo menedi
                                              ta zerubida
                                              lo menedida
                                              la ter
                                              na menezucht
                                              dezuda ravi

Thus perish the spirits of all those who have never wanted to take the trouble
     of having a body, and want in spite of everything to have the freedom of the
     city under the reign of truly solidified bodies.
For nothing bestializes a being like the taste for eternal happiness, the search
     for eternal happiness at any price, and mademoiselle Lucifer is that slut who
     never wanted to abandon eternal happiness.

But now the ancient cosmic prospection of god will no longer occur.
The great total dimension is to become as a simple man strong as all infinity.

Antonin Artaud
selections from Suppots Et Suplications
translated from the French by A. James Arnold and Clayton Eshleman