Sulfur has been funded yearly by the National Endowment for the Arts from 1983-1996. Four of its younger writers received General Electric Awards: Weinberger, Rasula, Kleinzahler & Yau. Its editor received a CCLM Editorial Fellowship in 1984. Sulfur has also received funding from the California Arts Council, Chevron USA, the Arts Foundation of Michigan, and the World College of EMU.


Sulfur is Antaeus with a risk. It has a sense of primacy. It is not safety in numbers. It is one of the few magazines that is more than a receptacle of talent, and more an active force, actually contributing to the shape of present day literary engagement. It has provided impetus to Temlor and Conjunctions, two other fine, more recent magazines—Sulfur is a model of encouragement, and the evidence or detailed history of its making will be instructive for publications to come.

                                                            —George Butterick
                                                                Curator, Literary Archives
                                                                University of Connecticut


Sulfur must be the most important literary magazine which has explored and extended the boundaries of poetry. Clayton Eshleman has had a nose for smelling out what was going to happen next in the ceaseless evolution of the living art.

                                                            —James Laughlin
                                                                New Direction Books


In an era of literary conservatism and sectarianism, the broad commitment of Sulfur to both literary excellence and a broad interdisciplinary, unbought humanistic engagement with the art of poetry in America has been invaluable. To my notion, its critical articles and notes have been the sharpest going over the last several years.

                                                            —Gary Snyder



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