Ezra Pound:  From an Unpublished Draft of Canto LXXXIV                                                      

Jerome Rothenberg: Hunger                                                                                           

Gustaf Sobin: Sudden Essays on Shadows and Substance                                                         

Bruce McClelland: {Poli}                                                                                                   

Jacinto Cua Pospoy:  Thirty Years Later: The Estados Unidos Goes to the Moon
(Tr. by Martin Prechtle and Nathaniel Tarn)                                                     

Kimberly Lyons: Variations                                                                                                  

James Hillman: Alchemical Blue and the Unio Mentalis                                                           

Charles Stein: from  A Book of Confusions                                                                         

John Ashbery: Untitled, White Collar Crime                                                                            

Karin Lessing: "stood here, " What it Wants, Sea-Foam, September-Wings                                 

Hayden Carruth: Who I am                                                                                               

Thomas Meyer: The Labyrinth at Crete, Fin de Siècle                                                            

Lyn Hejinian: The Twill                                                                                                     

Robert Kelly: Postcards from the Underworld                                                                         

Ana Mendieta: from Silueta Series 1980 (Earth and gunpowder); (Carved clay-bed)               

Lynn Behrendt: Rome, Assisi, Rome                                                                                     

The Letters of Edward Dahlberg and Charles Olson: The Early Years (1936-1948)                      

Paul Blackburn: The Term                                                                                                  

Michael Palmer: Echo                                                                                                         

Clayton Eshleman: The Loaded Sleeve of Hades                                                                    

Gerrit Lansing: Olana                                                                                                     

Mary Caponegro: Three pieces from Microfictions                                                               

Johnathan Williams: In Marsden Hartley's Hand                                                              

Diane Wakoski: Why I Am A Poet Not A Painter                                                         

Jed Rasula: Four Poems                                                                                                       

Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Eclogue, Killing Me                                                  

Billie Chernicoff: Corona                                                                                                   

Aimé Césaire: Batouque (Tr. by Clayton Eshleman and Annette Smith)                  

Alan Williamson: Art Roman                                                                                                

Book Reviews: Weingberger on Seidel; Davidson on the Olson/Creely
      Correspondence; Wesling on Michelson and Chester; Phillips on

      Sobin; Meyer on Davidson; Nakell on Hickmann; Smith on Wakoski                         

Cover Photograph: by Ana Mendieta Silueta Series 1980 (Earth and Gunpowder)








Sulfur Issue #1
(no longer available)