Sulfur Issue #24



Sulfur: Imagination as an Instrument of Change

Jackson Mac Low: 60th Light Poems

Gary Snyder: A Set of Path Poems

Ron Silliman: from "Toner"

Karin Lessing: A Winter's Dream Journal II

Clark Coolidge: In the Rooms of Guston

Dominick Di Meo: Six Works

John Taggart: Three Poems

C.D. Wright: Two Poems

Cid Corman: Kusano Shimpei

Kusano Shimpei: A Batch of Late Poems

L.S. Asekoff: Reading After Dark

Virginia Hooper: Two Poems

Jed Rasula: Literary Effects in the Wad

Gerda Meyer Bernstein: Six Works

Charles Bernstein: Sunsickness

Ron Padgett: M'sieur Tarzan

Mei-Mei Bersenbrugge: Gold

David Bromige: from By Drawing a Line and Set of Twelve

Ted Jenner: Chorus Girls

Hayden Carruth: Two Poems

Doren Robbins: Two Poems

Sean Killian: Three Poems

Jackson Mac Low: Oners n Tenners 3

Thad Ziolkowski: Nov 59

Barbara Jordan: Branching

Phillip Foss: The Theater of Perfumes

John Yau: Ana Bialobroda: Self-Portraiture as Self-Representation

Ana Bialobroda: Five Paintings

Notes, Correspondence, Reviews: Lezama Lima Interview; Miller on Spero; Kadlec on Metcalf;       Berstein on sexuality; Johnson on Rasula; Tarn on Huidobro; Gansz on Kelly; Ziolkowski on Bidlo       and Silliman; Mackey on music; Burns on elegy; Lewis on Gil Evans.

Contributor Notes

Cover Art: Thorpe Feidt, The Sacred Theory of the Earth, (The Ambiguities 207-211, for Gerrit Lansing), 1987, acrylic on canvas, 39" x 61".