Sulfur Issue #27



Milton Kessler: Zero

Rachel Tvia Back: Litany 1 and 2

Mina Loy: Notes on Religion (Introduced and edited by Keith Tuma)

Eliot Weinberger: Paz in Asia

Michel Nedjar: What Does The Spider Dream Of? (Nedjar interviewed by Allen S. Weiss)

Benjamin Friedlander: Five Poems

David Shapiro: Miguel Angel Rios: Dreams of the Heights ("Sueños de las Alturas")

Miguel Angel Rios: Six Works

Paul Christensen: Struggling to Be a Courtier: the Poetry of Richard Wilbur

Jean-Paul Auxemery: Five Poems (Tr. from the French by Richard Sieburth)

Dominique Fourcade: Click-Rose 2 (X-XIII &XV-XIX)(Tr. from the French by Keith Waldrop)


Roderick Iverson: Introduction
Rainer Schedlinski: Two Poems (Tr. from the German by Iverson)
Ulrich Zieger: Two Poems (Tr. by Iverson)
Bert Papenfuss-Gorek: Three Poems & an excerpt from Arianrhod from the Overdose (Tr. by Iverson and Karen Margolis)
Stefan Doring: Two Poems (Tr. by Iverson & Mitch Cohen)
Andreas Koziol: Two Poems (Tr. by Iverson)
Elke Erb: Text and Commentary (Tr. by Iverson)
Eberhard Hafner: Topless is Allowed Here (Tr. by Iverson)

Marjorie Welish: Body's Surplus: The Art of David Reed

David Reed: Five Paintings (photographed by Dennis Cowley)

Allen S. Weiss: Indicatives: Introduction to Valère Novarina's "Imperatives"

Valère Novarina: Imperatives (Tr. from the French by Allen S. Weiss)

Alison Bundy: Four Stories

Jackson Mac Low: Prose Look Settled

Charles North: Two Poems

Thomas Vogler: "Now We Live in Kit's House"

Spencer Selby: Two Poems

Cynthia Nadelman: Pamela Wye: Inklings and Other Notions

Pamelay Wye: Six Works (photographed by Adam Reich)

Elaine Equi: Four Poems

April Bernard: Four Psalms

Charles Berstein: Reveal Codes

George Oppen: The Philosophy of the Astonished (Selections from Working Papers, edited by Rachel       Blau DuPlessis)

Reviews & Noticings: by Gerrit Lansing, Miriam Nicholas, Beverly Dahlen, Tyrus Miller, Jody       Norton, Marjorie Perloff, Allen S. Weiss, Marjorie Welish, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Eliot Weinberger       & Clayton Eshleman

Contributor Notes

Cover Art: Miguel Angel Rios, Morado Obscuro, 32" x 35", wood and clay on canvas, 1989, courtesy of Vrej Baghoomian Gallery, NYC.