Jerome Rothenberg: Harold Bloom as Exterminating Angel                             

Ronald Johnson: Ark 35                                                                                                     

Theodore Enslin: Axes 26                                                                                                 

Clayton Eshleman: Seeds of Nature in Paleolithic Art                                                         

Pierre Jori: The Broken Glass                                                                                               

Will Alexander: Australian X-Ray Painting                                                                      

Hector Manjarrez: from El Golpe Avisa                                                                             

The Letters of Edwarrd Dahlberg and Charles Olson: An Unravelling Friendship

Six Photographs selected by Darryl V. Curran                                                                            

Jerome Rothenberg: Terror                                                                                           

Garth Tschernisch: More Praise From the Barynyard Suite No. 2                                   

Hayden Carruth: Who I Am                                                                                                

Dennis Phillips: from Two Cross                                                                                        

Antonin Artaud: Letter to Jean Paulhan                                                                         

Michael Davidson: The Landing of Rochambeau                                          

Hart Crane to Kenneth Burke: Ten Unpublished Letters                                                          

Ron Padgett: Before                                                                                                           

Keith Waldrop: Elegy                                                                                                        

Book Reviews: Butterick on Sanders; Rasula on Palmer; Weinberger on Mark;
      Essick on The Eidophusikon; Gans on Marteau; Byrd on Dewdney; Peters on
      Waldrop; Wesling on Meyer; Einzig on Mac Low; Zavatsky on Enslin, Dorn &
      Stein; Smith on the Gallimard Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry               




Cover Photo by Elaine O'Neil from Self Portrait Series, 1980



Sulfur Issue #2