Sulfur Issue #6



Jackson Mac Low: Winds/Instruments                                                                                  

Paul Hoover: The Chinese Notebook                                                                                      

Rosmarie Waldrop: Figures of the Eye                                                                                

Jerome Rothenberg: Yaqui 1982                                                                                         

Clark Coolidge: Peru Eye, The Heart of the Lamp                                                                

Samuel Beckett: Breath                                                                                                 

Richard H. Abrams: Considering Beckett's Breath                                                       

Raoul Hausmann and Kurt Schwitters: Four Texts                                                           

Madeleine Burnside: Three Pieces                                                                                   

Ronald Johnson: Ark 39                                                                                                     

Rochelle Owens: A Sandworm Emerging                                                                           

Marwan: Six Paintings                                                                                                            

Gene Frumkin: Six Poems                                                                                                 

William Corbett: Washington's Birthday                                                                               

Claude Gauvreau: from Entrails                                                                                          

Lydia Davis: The Mouse                                                                                                      

Todd Baron: a sphere for tristan tzara                                                                                  

Friedrich Holderlin: Summer                                                                                             

Bernard Heidsieck: Le Carrefour de la Chaussée d'Antin                                                 

Gerrit Lansing: Three Poems of the Underworld(s)                                                             

John Tagggart: Not Raw Enough                                                                                  

Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven: Eleven Poems                                                

Jerome Rothenberg: Pre-Face to Symposium of the Whole                                                   

Book Reviews: Weinberger on Forché; Chamberlin on Spicer; Wakoski on
      Weinstein; Rasula on Kelly; Perloff on Jacob; Klein on the Bibliophile Jacob;
      Rothenberg on the New New American Poetry                                                               

Cover art:  Choreography/Costume from the dance "After Words" (1981) by Alice Farley, photo by Ronald Kienhuis